WOW… From the moment you enter you're greeted with warm enthusiasm and a smile. They're professional, courteous, and prompt. The doctor was attentive and explained the process in detail. She provided insight into the process and education along the way. Once you've checked in and completed the exam with doc, head over to see Jay for your eyewear. He was sharp, professional and extremely helpful in helping find the perfect frames. Overall my experience was memorable. Highly recommended.

Kaseem W.

This was the best experience I've ever had at the eye doctor! I'm typically someone who dreads going to any doctor's office, because I really hate waiting around for hours even with an appointment. However I was in and out right away, the receptionist was kind and friendly, and the doctor was happy to answer all my silly questions. I visited during Covid-19 and the office had many procedures in place to keep everything healthy and sanitary. This office was cleaner than most hospitals! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new eye doctor.

Paola G.

Of all my visits to any other Medical professional, Eola Eyes is by far my favorite. They do an extremely thorough eye exam which includes excellent technology without going overboard. Dr. Giedd spent the time to explain to me the results of every test and what it meant for me. In this age of quick in and out see the doctor for two minutes world Eola Eyes is a wonderful exception. Great environment as well.

Clifford W.

I recently had my second annual appointment with Dr. Williams at Eola Eyes and once again, I am so pleased with my visit! My appointment was easy to schedule and I waited less than 5 minutes before the tech brought me back to an exam room. As a 15+ year contacts wearer, I've had my share of optometrist visits. Dr. Williams and the Eola Eyes team are quick and efficient with their testing, ask relevant questions, and provide explanations when needed. The check out process moved fast, but I didn't feel rushed. I love that the option to have my contacts shipped directly to my house was offered by the team, but bonus for me - they had my contacts in stock so I didn't have to wait for them to be ordered! Highly recommend!

Ashley B.

I LOOOVE Eola Eyes! Everyone there is so helpful, warm, courteous, honest and knows the eye business! I’ve been going for 2 years now and it feels like family there! The Optical department specializes in one of a kind frames from all designers. The frames range in shape and design and the crew make sure what looks right for your face and style. Don’t hesitate checking the place out, the office is a hidden gem in Eola, worth the visit! Thank you all!

Dawn Z.

Dr. Beedle and staff are the best there is for eye care in Orlando. They go above and beyond by always explaining your exam results. They also have the latest and greatest technology around that can measure your risk for glaucoma or retina thinning. Additionally, if you do needs glasses, contacts, or sunglasses they have the BEST selection. I recommend everyone to this place and am a customer for life.

Andrew C.

Wow! I am thoroughly impressed with this place. Great service from everyone on staff. My eye exam was thorough, not rushed. The doctor engaged me in thorough discussion about overall eye health and even took the time to discuss the various options of contact lenses that would meet my needs and lifestyle. She did not rush me in and out. I greatly appreciate the fact that she took TIME. It gave me a sense that she was really interested in EYES and left no stone unturned in evaluating my vision.

Everyone here is warm and acts with care and concern for the patients/customers walking through.

There is a great selection of frames here as well. Someone has good taste for what styles are brought into the inventory. Also I was impressed with the speed with which my glasses were ready for me to pick up.

And yes, like everyone else has mentioned...current technology, clean, and polished looking and all of that good and comforting stuff!

Sydney H.

This is the best experience I have had at any type of medical office BY FAR. The doctor was friendly and efficient yet patient with me (I'm always worried I'm going to choose the wrong one when they're rapid firing those blurry images at you). She double-checked all the settings to make sure she got my Rx exactly right.

I loved the technology in the office- for example instead of getting an uncomfortable puff of air to the eyeball she had this new handheld tool that did the same test with absolutely no discomfort.

I also really appreciated the efficiency in the office - they don't just leave you waiting like their time is so much more important than yours. Instead of sitting in the chair waiting for my eyes to dilate, I was sent out to Jay on the retail side to choose my glasses, and was able to order/pay and complete all the business, then go back for the last part of my exam, and then I was on my way. Glasses and sunglasses came in within the week, and Jay called to update me on their progress.

Well run, friendly and efficient office!

Jessica M.

I am SO HAPPY I found Eola Eyes!!! The service is exceptional, the eye technology used for the exam is up to date and state of the art, the frame choices are hot, creative and very upscale....I LOVE THIS PLACE! Thank you for making my "4 eyes" experience a stylish and sexy one!

British H.

Love, love, love this place! Beautiful location, decent street parking if the lot is full, gorgeous interior, a huge selection of fabulous brands, and a wonderful team ready to help you find just the right frames for your face.

A friend told me about Eola Eyes when I was new in town and exasperated by my fruitless, never-ending search for great specs. Every place I stepped into, it seemed, had the same boring style that went out back in 2007. Seriously-- it's like they mass-produced that one frame style and that's all everyone would wear. Well, not me!

Walking in the door at Eola Eyes was a breath of fresh air. Relief! Variety! BIG variety! I spent more time than I expected playing around with different shapes, colors, and designers - and the staff was pleased to let me at it. I think they had just as much fun as I did. ;)

Thank you, Eola Eyes!

Kari O.