At Eola Eyes, we consider contact lenses to be our specialty. All of our doctors have extensive experience fitting contact lenses for all types of prescription needs, including lenses that correct for astigmatism, called “toric” contact lenses, and/or presbyopia, called “multifocal” or “progressive” contact lenses. We work with a wide range of lenses from soft, single use, daily disposable lenses to specialty designs, including rigid gas permeable and scleral lenses. Our doctors stay on the forefront of contact lens innovation and technology, often being among the first in the world to test and offer new products to our patients. For many years, we have partnered with companies in the contact lens industry to conduct clinical research trials as new contact lenses are being developed.

Because of advances in contact lens materials and designs and our years of clinical experience, patients who have been unsuccessful wearing contact lenses in the past or were told they were not candidates for contact lenses often become successful lens wearers in our practice.