Specialty contact lenses include a wide variety of lens materials and designs to meet unique patient needs. These can include custom made soft contact lenses, hybrid lenses that are rigid in the center and soft at the edge, or rigid gas permeable lenses that rest either on the cornea (the clear, front surface of the eye) or the sclera (the white of the eye).

Our doctors are highly experienced in specialty contact lens fitting and design and we work with many contact lens labs and manufacturers to customize lenses that will optimize our patients’ vision and lens-wearing experience. We utilize products from Xcel, Blanchard, Essilor, Art Optical, Visionary Optics, Alden, Valley Contax, Synergeyes, Novakone, and many others.

Our practice serves many patients who have conditions such as keratoconus and other corneal irregularities, as well as patients who have experienced eye trauma or corneal transplantation. These patients face unique challenges with their vision and often require very specialized and sophisticated contact lens designs. Scleral lenses have become increasingly popular and widely prescribed in recent years for such patients, as they often provide the best combination of quality vision and comfortable lens wear. Our doctors evaluate each patient’s individual needs and will discuss the advantages and limitations of each lens option at your visit.