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Give the Gift of Sight and Donate Your Old Glasses

November 7, 2012

Give the Gift of Sight and Donate Your Old Glasses

By Eola Eyes, Doctors of Optometry

Do you have old pairs of glasses sitting around your house just gathering dust? Would you like to get rid of that extra clutter, but not sure exactly what to do with the outdated specs? Let’s be real—there is something more beneficial to do with your old, out-of-style glasses than save them for next year’s crazy Halloween costume. Bring them to Eola Eyes and we will recycle your old glasses and give the gift of sight to those in need. Your donation can and will change the lives of those less fortunate.

At Eola Eyes, we are involved in many community outreach programs, one of which is the Lions Club’s Project Right to Sight (PRTS). This project was founded in 1990 and its purpose is to sponsor and promote programs that focus on sight preservation as well as the fight against blindness. By combining the group efforts of the Lions Clubs with local eye care professionals, the project provides reconditioned, recycled eyeglasses to homeless and uninsured people here in Central Florida. What’s the best part? It’s FREE for all recipients! One of our very own at Eola Eyes, Dr. Kerry Giedd, has served on the board of PRTS for many years and we are proud to support this wonderful cause. Over the past ten years, Eola Eyes patients have helped hundreds of people see better and lead more productive lives simply by recycling their old glasses through PRTS.

Beyond just Central Florida, PRTS also provides glasses for national and international vision projects and medical missions, helping those in need throughout the world. Many of the recycled glasses go to people in developing countries where they will have the greatest impact. Optometrists and members of the Lions Clubs work together to conduct eye examinations and distribute your recycled eyeglasses. (Again, all at no cost!)

Another organization that we partner with to recycle old glasses is called The Eyeglass Project. Hunter Vision, a local ophthalmology practice specializing in LASIK, founded this charity outreach as a means of repurposing the glasses their patients no longer needed after having LASIK. The Eyeglass Project collects gently used glasses and takes them to those in need throughout the Dominican Republic (DR). Dr. Kerry Giedd and her daughter will join The Eyeglass Project team in May 2013 as they travel to the DR to examine patients and distribute glasses.  In the DR, a middle class family may need to save up to one month’s salary to purchase a single pair of glasses so, as you can imagine, your old, donated glasses can truly be a life-changing gift.

We encourage you to come in to Eola Eyes and donate those glasses that we know are just sitting around in your drawer or closet. We gratefully accept any prescription, clear or sun lenses, readers, driving glasses, bifocals or progressive lenses, men’s, women’s, or children’s frames—whatever you have, we can use. There is no cost to do so, and you could easily be giving someone the best gift of all—sight!

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