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Crystal Clear Vision With Crizal Lenses

December 17, 2012

Crystal Clear Vision With Crizal Lenses

By Eola Eyes, Doctors of Optometry

Don’t you hate it when someone takes a picture of you and there’s that annoying glare of light shining off your glasses, covering your eyes? How many times per day do you have to clean your glasses to get rid of smudges and dust? Do you dread driving at night, when the glare and halos of oncoming headlights make you think you should have just stayed home? Well, if these are some of your concerns regarding your current lenses, then you should always choose an anti-reflective, no-glare coating for your lenses.

At Eola Eyes, we offer the best of the best of the new technology in anti-reflective eyeglass lenses: Crizal. Crizal lenses allow you to have the clearest vision possible while protecting your eyes from UV and eliminating “the enemies of clear vision.” They resist dust, smudges, glare, scratches, and water. You will see the world around you in perfect detail, as if you were not looking through a lens at all. Crizal lenses last longer because they are more durable, protecting your eyewear investment. Whether you wear single vision lenses, progressive (PAL) lenses, or any other lens design, Crizal lenses are for you.

There are countless benefits that result from investing in a Crizal lenses. They can make you see, look, and feel better. By reducing glare from street lights and headlights, you can feel more comfortable and safer with your nighttime driving. Also, if you’re one of the many whose job consists of sitting in front of a computer all day under unflattering fluorescent lights, Crizal can eliminate reflections off your computer screen and from the lighting above. Less glare and reflections mean less headaches and eye fatigue. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, don’t worry because Crizal lenses help protect against harmful UV radiation too! And, on top of all of the benefits you get by wearing Crizal lenses, others get a better view of you! Crizal lenses are practically invisible, so when people look at you, they’ll be looking into your eyes and not just at your glasses. You can see all of the benefits of Crizal for yourself on this link.

Why do we use Crizal lenses at Eola Eyes instead of any of the other brands of anti-reflective lens coating? We believe Crizal is superior in quality to all of the other brands on the market, including Hoya Hi Vision and Zeiss products. Crizal lenses are the market leader of no-glare (anti-reflective) ophthalmic lenses. Having sold over 300 million lenses, they are the favorite and most recommended brand by eye doctors worldwide.

If you want to experience all the benefits that come along with Crizal no-glare lenses, then make an appointment at Eola Eyes today. You’ll have crystal clear vision in no time!

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